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Snowboarding and Style go hand in hand, and up until now there have been no options for setting yourself or your board apart from the masses. There's always the option to put a bunch of stickers on your board, but that never really satisfied me because its just providing advertising for someone that hasn't done jack for me. Or even worse if you have to pay for these stickers to advertise for other people, not cool.

I decided to take this into my own hands and create this Glowlight Kit for snowboards. It puts the style power back into the hands of the people who are actually on the boards, not the fat cats who want kids to think they're cool.

With the Glowlight kit, you get 12 feet of glowing wire that you can use to light up the top of your board. The wire is very flexy and can be bent into any shape so long as it remains flat on the board. The installation is super simple and taking about a half hour to lay out the design and make it stick.

Im a technical person and designed the circuitry and power pack to provide hours of glowing action for your board, now you just have to decide how you'll use it and what design you want to make. Check out the colors available, send an email if you have any questions and go to the Ordering Page when you're ready to take place in the Glowrider movement.

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